Ready to Try a Bold Hair Color?

Ready to Try a Bold Hair Color?

Visit JwMillz Salon to get a gorgeous and even dye job

A new hair color can totally transform your look. If you want to mix it up with something bright and fun, JwMillz Salon is the salon for you. JW specializes in high-intensity hair coloring, but she can satisfy a variety of color requests. Contact her today to let her know what color you want.

Why you should get professional coloring

Dying your hair at home might seem like a fun and easy activity, but you'll probably end up getting frustrated during the process. It's difficult to get an even color without professional training. Turning to a professional stylist will allow you to:

  • Add dimension
  • Get long-lasting results
  • Avoid damaging your hair

JwMillz Salon uses Joico dyes, which create a shiny and soft finish after every application. From icy grays to deep reds, your hair will look healthy in any color. Call 218-590-3919 now to book a hair coloring appointment.